Corporate VPN
 With Network Management and Security Management services.


As more and more enterprises begin their heavy investment in Internet related projects, an increasing number of enterprises have begun to migrate their existing wide area-networking infrastructure to an Internet-based VPN implementation. Our Internet VPN solution enables site-to-site communication and information sharing over the Internet by resolving security and quality of service issues.

The security aspect of the solution is designed and verified by our certified security specialists. The solution also makes use of Internet services supplied by service providers that can provide quality of service guarantee. As we are also building IP service platform for service providers, we are in a very good position to recommend the best Internet services for use in the solution. To complete our Internet VPN solution, customers are offered our network management and security management services. 

Our Wan connectivity VPN solution features: 

Provider Interconnect - multi-carrier interconnect supports IP-, MPLS, ATM- or FR-based VPNs. Cost-effective way to extend network globally to better serve local customers with global sites.

Future-proof technology - MPLS deployed directly on native IP, world's most advanced MPLS backbone.

Cost effective - consolidates Layer-2 and Layer-3 applications economically on our secure private network.

SLAs - for jitter, service availability, latency, packet loss and MTTR - based on QoS Basic, Enhanced and Premium services.

Security - private, segregated VPN for each network , dedicated provider edge routers (PRs) are isolated from public Internet, no visibility between IP VPN (PRs) and Internet access routers, anti-spoofing in provider edge router (PR), and 24x7 operational security monitoring facility.

Online management tool - the power to manage your network all through a single, direct access Web portal.