Wireless Solutions
Wireless Networks Design , Integration and Management

Maxor Technologies provides a wide range of Wireless Networks Design solutions, including hardware, software and services. Our wireless solutions are proven at production facilities for defferient industries.

Maxor Technologies uses an integrated, digitally-based project management methodology and suite of tools to ensure that our projects stay on schedule and within budget. Employing best-in-class work processes and industry standard tracking/reporting software, these services are specifically designed to proactively mitigate risks and identify opportunities throughout the project lifecycle.

             Faster to Deploy – Without the need of laying Ethernet cables through walls or ceilings, wireless is definitely easier and faster to implement.

            Reduced Cost of Ownership – For corporations operating in a dynamic environment with frequent moves or changes, a wireless network can help save on overhead costs for relocating or relaying new cables. Also, wireless networks require much less time for installation.

      Mobility and Flexibility – Users who are on the move can connect to the wireless network in order to access information that enables them to perform their job more efficiently. Indirectly, this can improve the productivity and effectiveness of an employee.

      Scalability – A wireless network is easily configured and changed accordingly to the user’s need to run certain applications. In addition, the technology is scalable to meet most needs of any company.

Different scenarios provided by Maxor Techchnologies wireless Solutions:


Wimax/WiFi Point to Pont Solution
WiFi Closed Compound Coverage
GPRS/3G Managed data connectivity