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IP Telephony without sacrificing reliability and interoperability

Business communications has always been a challenging arena for management....subject to cost, function, reliability, and other pressures and concerns. The emergence of VoIP technology....and specifically application to PBX systems via IP based protocols....has provided an enormous opportunity for companies to reap many benefits.

Many companies today have multiple office locations around the country or around the world. Currently, each office uses its own PBX system and inter-office phone calls are routed through the PSTN and charged long distance and international rates by carriers. Most companies also employ workers on a part time basis who work from their homes. Those workers get reimbursed for telecommunication expenses they incur while performing their duties. It just makes business sense for companies to explore alternatives to consolidate their telecommunication systems and reduce costs.

Finding a partner that delivers IP telephony without sacrificing flexibility, reliability, security, and interoperability—all while leveraging existing investments—is the key for a cost-effective conversion to VoIP. 

One approach preserves a company's infrastructure investment. Another builds it from scratch. It's important for your partner to support either path while protecting your prior investment. The challenge for IT professionals is to leverage existing applications, user-training, and infrastructure while deploying new solutions. 

Maxor provides stepping-stone choices for IP-enabling existing PBXs, allowing companies to get started at low risk and cost. Maxor offers its customers unmatched freedom and flexibility, whether they want to roll out IP telephony as rapidly as possible or pace themselves so they can preserve their infrastructure investment and slowly migrate business processes. 

To keep productivity high no matter where people are working, communications tools need to be consistent, portable, reliable, and secure, and your staff operate from different locations or If they frequently change locations, Maxor provide different alternative solutions for your VoIP/IP Telephony network.


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