IP Telephony solution
Integrated Voice  and Data IP Telephony Solutions


Today, businesses of all sizes face an increasing paradox. Demands are up. Budgets are flat. Neither reality is going away soon. The only feasible way to succeed is to invest wisely in areas that deliver a positive and rapid ROI.

IP telephony has proven to be a wise decision for many companies. Maxor's IP telephony solutions allow you to integrate both your voice and data networks securely and cost-effectively. These solutions not only simplify your business communications, but also build a framework that will allow you to easily add additional applications over time.

VoIP solutions from Maxor can save you up to 66% over other leading vendors. Learn how you can migrate to IP Telephony with minimum cost and effort.

IP networks can be significantly less expensive to operate and maintain. Its simplified infrastructure cuts costs by connecting IP phones over the LAN wiring system, thus eliminating dual cabling. Using the extra WAN bandwidth for IP telephony also leverages the untapped capabilities of your existing data infrastructure, maximizing the return on your current network investment.