Data Connectivity
Freeing your business from the constraints...

Imagine being able to video conference, establish a PABX network, connect to multiple hosts, and log on to the Internet, using just a single bandwidth. With Maxor Technologies Data Connectivity solution, it's all possible now.

By freeing your business from the constraints of conventional technology, the possibilities are simply limitless. 

Performance edge...
Our data connectivity systems are designed and built to maintain signal integrity across today's network environments. MAXOR  surrounds these solutions with responsive service and support.

Cost reduction and flexibility...
Easy expansion and upgrades allow you to adapt to changing technologies and market conditions, adding up to longevity and low life-cycle costs. Centralized control lets you maintain complex, extended networks without additional staff.

End-to-End solution...
Your complete data connectivity solution needs are met by a single provider. Our solutions portfolio for high-speed data networks spans cable and wireless mediums, fixed and Mobile connectivity. 

Bringing its experience and design philosophy to data services networks,  MAXOR presents a wide variety of Data connectivity services and customized applications with fully-meshed, hub and spokes networks between customer locations/branches which include:



Corporate VPN
International IPsec
QoS Data connectivity
Video Conferencing solution
Video Surveillance solutions