Video Surveillance Solutions
IP-based Video Surveillance Solutions for a variety of applications


Maxor design Custom IP-based video surveillance solutions for a variety of digital security applications including wireless CCTV systems.

IP-Surveillance, also called Networked Video, is now fully digital. Digital IP cameras have replaced analog cameras, and the analog coax network from camera to recorder has been replaced with IP based, wired or wireless Ethernet networks. The recording medium is now a digital “computer” storage device or format, and the monitor is a standard PC monitor.

We are now seeing the rise of this IP-Surveillance technology. Its impact on the security industry is just now being felt. We evolved from feet (actually eyes) on the street, to security personnel seated at monitors (CCTV and CCTV + DVR), to the ability to automate intelligent surveillance.

All of the base technologies for IP-Surveillance are standards-based, stable, and subject to Moore’s Law. As such, we can expect the cost of the IP-Surveillance to continue to decrease over time. 

Compared to VCRs, DVRs do provide a few of the benefits associated with IP-Surveillance. In addition to eliminating the problems and expense associated with video tapes, DVRs provide easy retrieval of stored images. Many DVRs look to the IP network like an appliance, so access to live and recorded video can be gained via the Local Area Network and, providing the proper network management, via the Internet. However, the DVR is an interim step on the road to an IP-Surveillance system. Besides the number of advantages listed in the next section, IPSurveillance provides the highest quality images with the highest frame-rates, eliminating the compromises of the DVR.