Wimax/WiFi Point to Point Solution
Immediate High capacity data to your premises


High-capacity wireless Ethernet bridges provide the industry's most reliable, secure and easily-deployed solutions for interconnecting corporate and telecommunications networks. Maxor Technologies point-to-point wireless Ethernet bridges provide transparent, carrier-class connectivity with performance options ranging from 11 to 960 Mbps - easily integrating VPN, real-time video, voice-over-IP, and digital PBX connections over a single wireless network. TDM point-to-point products are the fastest and most economical solutions for expanding or extending telecommunications infrastructures - delivering capacities from fractional E1T1 to E3wherever needed.

Maxor Technologies Professional Services team specializes in precision installation of wireless infrastructure in complex, radio-frequency-rich environments, where even a slight maladjustments can mean the difference between an underperforming, productivity-sapping headache for both end-users and their IT staff. 

Wireless network design services and RF equipment commissioning are a  part of designing telecommunications networks. Towers and building rooftop sites must be procured for antenna placement, repeater sites and power. A provider with construction partners is essential. Our services Include :

-System and Program Planning and Management.
-Engineering Design.
-Frequency Band Planning.
-Path Survey, Design and Engineering.
-Network Engineering, Operations and Maintenance.
-Line of Sight Verification
-Local Permitting.
-Site Inspection and Audit.
-Site Development and Construction.
-Training & Documentation.