GPRS/3G Managed Data Connectivity
Break the constrains of  traditional leased line

Maxor Technologies in conjunction with GSM/GPRS/3G Mobile Operators, developed Wireless Data connectivity service that breaks the constrains of traditional leased line. With the MAXOR Technologies Wireless Data connectivity service, Corporate and Institutions; can connect remote sites, through the wireless GSM/GPRS/3G networks, with fast installation, cost-efficient, simple to operate, and relocate data connectivity service.

The solutions give the flexibility for the remote sites to connect to the head office with easy and secure method, providing fastest pathway to new markets and revenue opportunities. The services are also ideal solution for, frequently relocated sites and as backing up for wired data communication.

Maxor Technologies wireless Data Connectivity Solution comply with GSM/GPRS/3G industry standards and enjoy the support of the Maxor Technologies Managed services dedicated team in addition to the following features:

Stay connected for long periods of time
With GPRS you don't waste time on the move by constantly having to dial up and log on to check your email. Instead, you can log on at the beginning of the working day and automatically receive email and application data while online.
The network is only used when data is being transmitted, even though you stay connected all the time.

Faster data speed than GSM CSD
GPRS provides high-speed data transmission. GPRS terminals are capable of operating significantly faster than conventional GSM handsets. The latest devices, operating on 4 channels, can operate at up to 47 kbits per second (Up to 384 with the 3G).

Do not pay for the time you are on the service
Network efficiency will allow innovative new pricing structures to be introduced.
For example, customers may be charged either on a subscription or based on the volume of data they send or receive.
Unlike traditional phone calls, GPRS are not charged according to their duration, so there's no extra cost for being constantly connected.

Secured Transport Layer
GPRS allows a dedicated APN to be assigned to a corporate. Access to this dedicated APN is restricted at the Network level which includes provisioning the APN into the corporate user's SIM chip.

Service Level
With a dedicated APN, data flow, fault detection and service availability can be monitored to ensure a reliable service offering to the corporate customer.

IP Protocol
GPRS is based on data packet structure which corresponds to the IP protocol. Corporate can therefore seamlessly implement all existing and future services based on this IP Protocol (eg surf the internet, email, e-commerce etc).

Future Proof
Our commitment to GPRS means that our customers and application developers have a straightforward evolution path as the mobile industry moves towards 3G, including even more advanced services like mobile video conferencing.