WiFi Closed Compound Coverage
Extend the you workplace and give Freedom to your staff

Maxor Technologies broadband wireless solutions give Internet service providers today’s fastest pathway to new markets and revenue. Whether well-established and looking to expand, or smaller and newly-established, Service Providers can immediately and cost-effectively create wireless networks, or reach out from established points-of-presence to capture new customers. Without the delays and costs of leasing or building a wired infrastructure, Maxor  wireless networks allow secure and reliable access to high-speed data, voice and video services. Internet access can be extended to business parks, apartment complexes, school districts, and even rural communities up to 2 miles away, all in a matter of days.  

For enterprises, extending your corporate network infrastructure to include public wireless access gives your mobile sales and service professionals the same level of connectivity they enjoy in the corporate environment. 

Wireless LAN solutions From Maxor Include: 

Public Wireless LAN Solutions - Public wireless technology offers affordable, high-speed access to the Internet, e-mail, and business-critical applications for workers out of the office some or all of the time. In airports, coffee shops, convention centers, and other public venues, mobile workers are looking to wireless LAN "hotspots" for quick, convenient ways to remain productive on-the-go. 

Enterprise Wireless LAN Solutions - Wireless LANs enable your mobile workers to stay in touch via easy access to real-time information and critical applications such as e-mail and calendars, enterprise databases, supply chain management, sales force automation, and customer relationship management - no matter where in the workplace they happen to be.